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The Stone Men

When Ciaran watched the stone men fighting, he saw an empty future. An idle future. A future without purpose — especially for a warrior like him.

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The Book

I’ve been reading the same book every night. I bought it at a high price, and I’ve kept on paying for it ever since I brought it home.

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Where the Woods Watch: Part 8

Gaius Gravis brings ingenuity and raw strength to bear against a nameless enemy. There’s no telling how long it’s lurked below ground, but Gaius intends for it to lurk no longer!

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Where the Woods Watch: Part 7

As his vicious battle with the Barbarians comes to a close, Gaius turns his attention to the bizarre entity that holds court over the subterranean killing ground. It has tried and failed to take hold of his mind, and now it must pay!

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Where the Woods Watch: Part 6

Gaius Gravis and his Legionary Marcus have come upon an underground gathering of barbarian acolytes. In a subterranean room of ritual, presided over by a mysterious and monstrous entity, they do ferocious battle with their foes!

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Where the Woods Watch: Part 5

Gaius and Marcus, Centurion and Legionary, blaze a torchlit trail towards the surface through earthen catacombs. They’ve eluded the Barbarian foes that stalk the underground labyrinth, and are beginning to hope that sunlight might be around the next bend! If only it were that easy…

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Where the Woods Watch: Part 4

Freed from his pinebough prison by his stalwart underling Marcus, Roman Centurion Gaius Gravis sets out into the cramped catacombs beneath the forest in quest of open air. As he and his companion make their torchlit way through winding, root-choked tunnels, Marcus recounts the aftermath of Gaius’ fateful battle with the horror in the woods.

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Where The Woods Watch: Part 3

Gaius Gravis awakes to find himself imprisoned underground! Caged, naked, and surrounded on all sides by impenetrable darkness, the doughty Centurion can only guess at what his captors have in store for him. One thing is certain at least: Though captive and cut off from his Roman comrades, Gaius Gravis is not alone!

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Where the Woods Watch: Part 2

Toe to toe with a terror from the beyond, and with nothing but his animal strength and naked iron to protect him, Gaius Gravis does mighty battle in the shade of an ancient northern forest!

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Where the Woods Watch: Part 1

The indominable Roman Centurion Gaius Gravis plies a forbidding northern forest in search of Barbarians. Freshly blooded by a failed ambush, he has set out to discover if any more painted foemen still stalk his victorious troop of soldiers. Wandering far from his comrades, he soon finds himself in more than mere mortal danger!

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The Rogue Factory

A bright future lies ahead in which machines will fight Humanity’s wars for her, and new production lines are going up to meet the demand for the autonomous weapons systems of tomorrow! War Factory 45, an old manufactory of Human-operated war machines, is finally being decommissioned, and is set to be replaced by a brand new production facility. It’s out with the old and in with the new, and everyone agrees that the change is for the better. Everyone, that is, except War Factory 45.

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Six Sets

Erik and Indy, exterminators renowned throughout the Solar System, are hired to eradicate a run-of-the-mill centipede infestation. But upon arriving at the rundown warehouse where their client lives and works, Erik and Indy realize that they have a much bigger problem on their hands than they thought!

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